DE-office is able to present dozens of references from various sectors. However, we have signed confidentiality agreements with most customers, which means we cannot show customer references via our website.

If specifically requested, and depending on your request or assignment, we can show you a limited number of references that prove our ability to successfully complete your assignments.

Below you will find an overview of various specialisations (incomplete list and in random order) and sectors in which DE-office is active. We have clients throughout the world:


  • Automotive
  • Civil engineering
  • Information technology
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Energy
  • Patents and copyright
  • Finance and fund management
  • Environment
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio, TV and multimedia


  • Solicitor’s offices
  • Architects and engineering agencies
  • Bank and insurance companies
  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Printing companies
  • European universities
  • Scientific institutions
  • Construction companies and building promoters
  • Government authorities, state-sponsored and European institutions
  • Tour operators
  • Museums and tourism services
  • Car manufacturers and manufacturers of spare parts for the automotive sector
  • Hardware and software manufacturers and suppliers
  • Heavy industry
  • Import and export companies
  • Energy producers and network administrators

In addition, DE-office also works for a whole series of national and international translation agencies.